Shirakawa Industry Support Institute

The goal of the Shirakawa Industry Support Institute is to revitalize local industry. In order to achieve this goal, we offer a place where both local companies and those from elsewhere can easily get together and exchange information, regardless of the administrative district in which they are located. We are serious about revitalizing local industry and are always keen to hear from companies about what it is that they need, so that we can provide them with timely and valuable support.
We also invite experts to share their knowledge and then do our best to incorporate that knowledge into our activities.
As of April 1, 2011, Shirakawa Industrial Support Institute (a public service corporation) assumed management responsibilities for Shirakawa Industry Plaza’s Industry Support Center and Training Center.


Shirakawa Industry Support Institute


October 2008
Shirakawa Industry Support Institute was opened as a voluntary organization.
March 2009
Shirakawa Industry Support Institute was established as a public service corporation.

Board Members

Chairman of the Board Kazuaki Kato (Shirakawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry member/Chairman of the Board Kato Screw Co., Ltd.)
Director Kazuo Suzuki (Mayor of Shirakawa City)
Director Zen’ichi Kondo (President of Kondo Electric Co., Ltd.)
Director Tomiyuki Suzuki (President of Suzutech Co., Ltd.)
Director Tomohiko Yamazaki(Manager of Toho Bank Ltd., Shirakawa Branch)
Director Youichi Kanazawa(Managing Director of Shirakawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Managing Director Masahiko Wachi (Representative Director)
Auditor Minoru Saito (Shirakawa City, Director of Industry Department)

Members (28 organizations, in random order)

Shirakawa City, Shirakawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Omotego Association of Commerce and Industry, Taishin Association of Commerce and Industry, Higashi Association of Commerce and Industry, Shirakawa District Employer’s Association, Shirakawa Credit Union, The Toho Bank Ltd., Fukushima Bank Ltd., Joyo Bank Ltd. Shirakawa Branch, The Daito Bank, Ltd., Fukushima Kenshin Shirakawa Branch, JA Yumeminami Shirakawa District Support Center, JA Tozai-Shirakawa, Yabuki Town, Nishigo Village, Izumizaki Village, Nakajima Village, Tanagura Town, Yamatsuri Town, Hanawa Town, Samegawa Village, Kondo Electric Co., Ltd. Shirakawa, Suzutech Co., Ltd., Azbil Kimmon Shirakawa Co., Ltd., Chuo Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. Shirakawa Factory, Fujii Seisakusyo Co., Ltd., Suzuki Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.


Management and administration of Shirakawa City Industry Plaza (Industry Support Center/Training Center)
Business Consultation
Communications Support
Personnel Training
Start-up Support
Agriculture/Commerce/Industry Collaboration Support
Industry/Academia/Government Collaboration Support
Computer Training


Shirakawa City Industry Plaza, Industry Support Center
96-5 Dojokoji, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima-ken 961-0957
TEL/FAX: +81-248-21-8995

Shirakawa City Industry Plaza, Training Center
140 Nakada, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima-ken 961-0053
TEL: +81-248-21-7361
FAX: +81-248-21-7362

Training Center

140 Nakada, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima-ken 961-0053
TEL: +81-248-22-3512
FAX: +81-248-21-7362



Office Staff

Representative Director:1
Assistant Director:1
Support Officer:2
Office Staff:2
Contract Staff:1

Business Hours

Monday to Friday (except national holidays and New Year holidays (December 29–January 3))
9:00 – 17:00

Purpose of Establishment

At present, companies in Japan are faced with countless difficulties and challenges, including the overseas transfer of manufacturing bases, stagnation in domestic consumption, ongoing reorganization of factories in Japan due to increased competition from overseas companies, and steep price increases for raw materials, such as crude oil and steel. On the other hand, in the midst of changing production trends, from low-cost mass production to small-lot production of value-added products due to the diversification of consumer needs, in fields such as cutting-edge technology there are moves to bring manufacturing bases back to Japan. This is especially evident in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where efforts are being made by large corporations to further improve the level of products and technology through collaboration with educational institutions and governmental organizations, in conjunction with small and medium enterprises. In light of such moves, there are concerns in regional areas that companies located outside of Tokyo will be left behind and forced to amalgamate production bases.
Although Shirakawa City has been battling to attract more companies, which has resulted in many cases of corporate relocation, we believe that a key to industrial development is to promote existing companies, in addition to attracting other companies in order to create more employment opportunities, revitalize the local economy while taking advantage of the uniqueness of the local area, and secure independent sources of revenue. According to a survey conducted in February 2008, local companies want to increase the number of clients, secure key personnel, develop staff capabilities, and collaborate with universities and research institutions.

In light of the above, on the basis of the opinions and requests of members of the preparatory committee for establishing the Shirakawa Industry Support Center (provisional name), which was formed in February 2008, we decided to launch a support institute for the industrial sector (Shirakawa Industry Support Institute) in order to provide management consultation for existing companies, secure/train personnel, provide mediation between companies, promote industry/academia/government collaboration, promote interaction among companies, and provide start-up support for entrepreneurs. The aim of the city is to promote local industries with a focus on manufacturing by supporting the management and operations of Shirakawa Industry Support Institute.